In Nigeria, we have had low citizen participation levels, particularly in political parties. Without political parties, it is impossible to envision modern political activity and elections, The major institutions for advancing public objectives through political processes are political parties. Citizens of Nigeria need to be educated on the impact they can have on the government and public interests by being in political parties.

Political parties have both beneficial and detrimental effects on a democratic system. By providing options to represent many viewpoints and alternative growth paths, the competition between parties may be advantageous to society. In a competitive environment, society is not reliant on a single ideology or system. However, when political parties gain too much power, some people may feel as though their options are confined to the parties in power, even if those parties do not share their beliefs; in this situation, they may feel as though they have limited opportunities to be heard by the government.

Which has been the case in Nigeria for the past 8 years where the 2 major parties People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and All Progressives Congress (APC) are the only realistic candidates for important positions, therefore people from smaller parties like the ANPP may feel excluded at the federal level. which in turn does nothing but affect Citizen involvement in the politics of Nigeria.




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