Civil society can be defined as a state or situation of people living in particular community or nation having shared interest, values and purpose getting benefit to have right of individuals, enjoying liberty, and to have resources to develop personal potential.

Civil society refers also  to the arena of uncoerced collective action around shared interests, purposes,and values. Civil society commonly embraces a diversity of spaces.  Actors and institutional forums, varying in  their degree of formality, autonomy and power. Civil societies are often populated by organizations such as registered charities, development nongovernmental organizations, community groups, women’s organizations, faith based organizational, trade unions and so on.

In democracy the key areas of focus include the nature of citizenship and participation in a society, and the power and influence of social movements, especially in a digital age.

It involves the  examinations of  many countries around the world and the empowerment of groups such as young people and women, the impact of social media, and challenges to established traditions and structures, such as the intersection between religion and politics.


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