Forms of govement


MEANING-is a form of government in which rulers are elected by the people, in which the power of decision making lies on the hands of the people elected by the people. It is based on free and fair election in which those currently in power have the ability to lose. In a democracy, every adult citizen has one vote and each vote has one value.

A democratic government rules within the limits set by the constitutional laws and citizen’s rights. They are based on the fundamental principles of political equality. In the opposition party function freely before and after the elections.

MERITS- It is a more accountable form of government as it can still provide methods to deal with differences and conflicts and provide unity in times of diversity in a country. It also a better form of government as it allows us to correct people to correct their mistakes. It enhances the dignity of the citizens, because it is based on principles of political equality, enabling the poorest and uneducated people to have the same status as the rich and educated

DEMERITS-There is no scope for morality, as it is all about political competition and power play. It may lead to corruption due to electoral competition. It may lead to bad decision making as the leaders do not know the best interests of the citizens. In democracy leaders keep changing, this may lead to instability.


By Jennifer Frank Filman

Sumy State University





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