Human rights are the most basic and crucial rights that every single human being is born with. These rights range from the right to life to the right to employment and so on. The concept of human rights was first introduced by Cyrus the Great way back in 539BC where he freed up the slaves that were imprisoned by the people of Babylon and allowed the citizens to choose their religion. From then on the concept of human rights started to spread from India to Rome and with time it spread all over the world. Human rights spread via various movements; from the Magna Carta era (1215) to 1948 when the Universal Declaration Of Human Rights (UDHR) was established.


The UDHR remains to date the organization that protects the rights of every human being. It enlists 30 articles on human rights. The UDHR itself is protected by the United Nations (UN). The UN is a highly established organization that maintains and ensures world peace. The members are advocates for peace and harmony among the nations. They ought to be non-discriminative in any way. Hence protecting the rights, the people. As it is a wealthy organization with many branches, when a country needs any sort of help, they provide as long as they have followed their basic requirements for getting the help. One is that the nation must have the bill of human rights in its constitution. This guarantees that the people’s rights are protected.


Protecting human rights is the job of every nation’s government towards its citizens. Unfortunately, only a few nations are left in the world that protects the rights of their citizens without any form of discrimination. When speaking of the government this includes the police, the judges, lawyers, and every other person that works to protect the rights of the citizens in one way or the other. But officials are not the only people that are responsible in the matter of preventing human rights violations, the citizens themselves are part of it. If they can not help to be part of the solution then they are part of the problem. When you see one right being violated in front of you and you don’t help in any sort of way, then you are part of the problem (unless you have no way to help someone). We should do well and help each other, people kindness is infectious and so is degrading someone’s right. Believe it or not.

Saida Saidi

Sumy State University



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