Social problems in Ukraine

Ukraine is the largest country in Eastern Europe excluding Russia. It is known for their good education system and therefore is a home for many foreigners. One of the major problems for foreigners is the transport system. The most common is the bus system but it has some problems, they include;

Prices should be priced fairly for students. Services must enable easy access and use, and must be priced fairly. But everyday the price seems to be increasing making it very hard for students.

Poor service is also a problem . Buses running late or stopping at every stop for a few minutes, delaying the arrival, is another frequent complaint.

Passengers want buses to come often and run on time, but this is not what they are getting.

“Nothing’s changed! Having to wait a long time, especially if it’s in scorching sun, drenching rain, chilly wind or alone in the dark, deters people from using buses.

Also the drivers . The very people who are taking passengers around aren’t always very polite. Bus drivers are often grumpy and rude, passengers complain. The driver can insult someone and never apologize.

Lawal Moyinoluwa Morenikeji,

Sumy state university,

Medical institute



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