The principle of economic freedom in the context of the problems of exponential growth in Ukraine

´Economic freedom is one of the principles of liberal democracy. The leading role of this principle is indicated by the fact that the quality of life of citizens depends on its implementation, in particular – the level of wealth, opportunities for professional development, ability to use property rights and so on.

´According to the classic definition of economic freedom as a principle of liberal democracy, people in a democracy must have some kind of economic freedom.  This means that the government should allow people to own property and businesses. People should be able to choose their own work and have the ability to join labor unions. Free markets should exist in a democracy and the government should not totally control the economy.

´Currently, Ukrainian society needs to develop and implement a strategy of exponential economic growth. Such a process requires the involvement of small, medium and large businesses within a single process. Economic development in accordance with the strategy of exponential growth will take place according to a universal scheme for all economic structures: development of a “growth point”, construction on the basis of this development of enterprises with high added value, as a result – employment and ensuring adequate financial income.

´Oleg Tulyakov,

docent of Sumy State University


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