Social media platforms like Instagram and
Facebook have become ingrained in the lives of
countless individuals. With adolescents and young
adults, particularly young women, being the primary
users of such platforms, it is an important question
whether social media use has an impact on self-
concept, self-esteem, body image, and body
dissatisfaction. Researchers have started to
empirically investigate these questions, and recent
studies show mixed results. The present article
attempts to review these findings and offers possible
explanations for effects of social media use on body
dissatisfaction, with a focus on Instagram,
Facebook, and other popular image-based
Social media usage in particular has increased
dramatically over the last decade and continues at
an incline. Pew Research Center indicates that 71%

of 13- to 17-year-olds use Facebook, 52% use
Instagram, and 41% use Snapchat in 2015.
Teenage girls are also using image-based social
media platforms more frequently than their male
counterparts; 61% of girls use Instagram versus
44% of boys. This increase in usage of social media,
especially Facebook and Instagram, may negatively
affect adolescent girls and young women in regard
to their self-confidence and body satisfaction.
Technology advancements have been a blessing to
human beings, and today, computers and mobile
devices have become a part of our daily lives. The
internet is also a part of the technology that many of
us have come to appreciate. Basically, in this day
and age, it is the internet that makes the world go
round. Social media, for instance, is a part of the
internet that has created a greater avenue for people
to interact across the globe. Nowadays, social media
negative effects are not unknown. Sadly, our
teenagers and adolescents have taken on the use of
social media to the extent that it can have some very
severe effects on their overall well-being if not
monitored or restricted.

The Negative Effects of Social Media on
1. Facebook Depression
2. Anxiety
3. Cyberstalking
4. Cyberbullying
How to manage the effects of cyberbullying?
5. Sleep Deprivation
6. Lower Self-esteem
7. Social Isolation
8. Impractical Expectations
9. Poor Concentration
10. Decreased Activity
11. Internet Addiction
12. Suicide and Self-harm Content

How does social media affect teenagers? We
should acknowledge that teenagers and adolescents
are extremely vulnerable to certain growth and

developmental aspects of life. And therefore, the
effects that social media usage has on these
children should be of particular importance to every
knowing adult. The negative impacts of social media
should be noticed on time.

As much as social media is known to a great social
network tool, its evils in society cannot be
overlooked. Adolescents and teenagers especially
are susceptible to potential harm posed by social
media usage. If not recognized on time and handled,
these negative impacts of social media can be risky
to the health and social well-being of your
adolescent children.

The Solution to Social Media Addiction:
If a teenager is addicted to social media, it is our
responsibility to talk about social media detox. But,
how to measure addiction? There are some signs for
taking a break from social media. You need to
identify them on time. Here you can learn how a
social media break can improve your mental health?

We have prepared a list of potentially dangerous
apps parents should know about. You should learn
about these inappropriate apps to save your teens
from unknown dangers.


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