The formation of democracy in India

India is a democratic country. The success of democracy depends upon education
of its citizens. Education should aim at total development of individual’s
personality. Modern education is a process of learning from real life and from the
pulsating, dynamic society around us. So the learning should be at the choice and
pace of the learner. It is only in this way that education becomes relevant to life.
So educational opportunities are to be provided to individuals to develop their
personalities into the fullest extent.
The Constitution of India also writes for the provision of educational
opportunities to all peoples of the country. Since education is one of the most
important means of development, it is through education that one can aspire to
achieve higher status , position and emolument. So every individual should have
similar opportunities for getting education.
Meaning of Equality of Opportunity
Ordinarily, equality of opportunity means to give equal chance to every individual
for the development of his capacity. The concept of equality of opportunity can
be interpreted in two ways such as horizontal equality and vertical equality. The
horizontal equality treats all constituents in equal manner whereas the vertical
equality requires special consideration to bring about equality of opportunity.

 There is a great need for emphasizing the equality of opportunity in
education due to the following reasons:
1. It is needed for the establishment of an egalitarian society.
2. It is needed because it is through the education to all people in a democracy
that the success of democratic institutions is assured.
3. The equality of educational opportunities will be ensure a rapid advancement
of a nation. When the people have opportunities to get education, they will
have a chance to develop their natural talent and thus enrich the society.
4. It will help to develop a close link between the manpower needs of a society
and the availability of skilled personnel.

Some measures can be taken for Equalisation of Educational
Opportunity :
 Constitutional Provisions
 Debarring restriction on admission in educational institutions
 Wide distribution of Institutions
 Provision of Pre-school education
 Provision of scholarship and other facilities
 Residential Schools
 Special education for the handicapped.


Jatin Sain, Sumy State University, student from India


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