A barrier to communication between people who are unable to speak a common language.Some common examples of linguistic barriers include people from different countries interacting with one another, people in some countries having a different way of greeting others and people having the same language speaking in different dialects in some cases .The language barrier in Travelling to different countries , Arriving in, and navigating, a new country can be especially intimidating when the native tongue is different from your own. When verbal communication is taken away from you, even the simplest tasks like ordering a salad or purchasing a bottle of water become difficult. Fumbling through these confusing situations is par for the course for any explorer but there are some things that travellers can do to lessen the stress of misunderstanding. Below, some hacks to overcome the hurdle of language whilst abroad.

International business activities are always accompanied by language-related barriers as companies are confronted with multiple local languages and a multinational workforce. To increase the efficiency of corporate communication, documentation and cross-national teamwork, an increasing number of companies have implemented common language policies in both their headquarters and their foreign subsidiaries and made English their official corporate language.

While traveling around Ukraine, the language barrier can cause you a lot of troubles. Not many people are fluent in any other language than their language or Russian. If you speak English, it doesn’t help you at all. Getting a taxi can be a nightmare because it is hard to explain where you want to go. You have to have a clear destination and address with you. I have found this Kiev Taxi service with English Speaking drivers; they are providing excellent service with value for the money. Also, they are doing airport pick up and drop off service.

Solution for this includes ,talk slower instead of louder, clearly instead of forcefully. They require patience, understanding, and conscientiousness.

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