Transportation issues

  • Many do not realize that transportation is a socioeconomic issue just as much as it is about pollution or traffic congestion. It is a subject that is interconnected with class, race, ability, urban planning and so much more.
  • In Ukraine, sumy the bus has changed by increase in the transport fare and by that it’s really difficult for some students to make a simple transportation to their destination aside that theirs a loocation with just two buses allocated to a certain address and also a lot of Ukrainians live there making it difficult for foreign students to get a bus most especially when you can’t speak their language. This should be changed either by providing more buses that goes to the medfac and reduction in prize.
  • This aspect of transportation issues is not just seen in Ukraine only but many places and it needs to be well worked out in a Format that will benefit all in the country rather than causing hard times for both indigenes and More to foreigners. This should be looked up to for an transit movements.

Doreen Moses Isaya

Sumy State University


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