The problem of youth unemployment

Our youth today face a number of problems in daily life. The impact of these problems may negatively affect their future and aspirations. These problems include economic, social or political issues. But i find that the problem of unemployment is a big problem that make today’s youth in situation of over thinking .

Getting a job is a dream for all young people after completing their studies, and sometimes this dream dominates the thinking of young people even before they finish school. It started with the advent of the industrial revolution, and the machine replaced the labor force in many businesses and industries, which increased the number of young people looking for work, but they could not find it.
Sometimes unemployment results from a mismatch between job opportunities available in the market and the experiences and skills available to young people. It is worth mentioning that the unemployment rate for each of the societies is an important factor that affects the general economy of this society or that country. Thus, it can be said that Unemployment rises when there are more unemployed people in countries.
Young people, who are at the height of their enthusiasm and enthusiasm to engage in businesses that prove their existence and help them achieve their selves, will feel a great deal of frustration and despair when all their attempts to search for a job commensurate with their intellectual, physical and scientific abilities fail, which leads to a decline in their determination, apathy in abilities and a discouragement of determination. The youth is mellow within them as the leaves wither in the fall.The increasing volume of unemployment in the world leads to serious and serious problems on the local economy and on the security level. We cannot deny that unemployment plays a major role in the spread of terrorism and the increase in crime and violence, as a result of the frustration of these unemployment.

Ismail Ahmaden

Sumy State University


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