About Digital World. Part 1.

Digital world means connected by the help of digital devices, media or we can say digital marketing services that are available to everyone at any time. It is the world full of ideas, opinions, learning and opportunities. Only because of the Internet has made it possible for all of us to connect whenever we consider it necessary. There are many methods in which we take the benefit of the digital world, because of the digital world people run worldwide online business, it has enhanced communication. Technology has also enhanced teaching and learning. . We need to look at our daily lives or those of our who are very near to us (family and colleagues). Many people now connected more via digital technologies with the use of Twitter, Facebook and…show more content…

Internet has revolutionized the communication systems and put our world on fast track. The old days are gone where travelling far or communicating with the people that not living near to us was not even a concept and the work place was near to the living area. Now, due to the advances in technology, we have entered a world where we can work for a company that isn’t even based in our country, where we can complete the tasks the are assigned to us by just being online, by these advances any one can do what he want to do e.g.  where everyone can be a film star, release a hit single or be a comedian reaching out to a global audience, and much more. This is just the beginning , there are many more that lies in the digital world that the previous generation couldn’t even think about. Digital technology has effects all around the globe. Well we have people from all over the world, who can speak secretly to those who have no particular assembly and can say anything without fear of being harmed by the other person. The internet takes away all the aspects away that keep people away from saying offensive stuffs, that they might not speak about that if they talking face tk free star.

The Importance Of Social Media On Society

This results into “ a dramatic increase in sociability, but a different kind of sociability, facilitated and dynamized by permanent connectivity and social networking on the web.”(Castells, 2010) Therefore, the social network sites became the preferred platforms of all kinds of activities, both business and personal. Hence, this gave way to a virtual life, where people can be present every minute. In consequence, it makes them feel connected to each other, as part of a community. Obviously, this is not replacement of the physical world, instead it is a facilitation of real daily living; that influence our behavior immensely.

Summary: Brain Damage

This statement is the truth, the internet is all over the world and it has already consumed lives. Just look around and see the computers that that are being used, we ‘re all being sucked into a world.

The Negative Influence Of Social Networking In Society Today..

Social Networking Social networking is rapidly progressing in society today and continues to keep the world connected, even with physical division. Due to the increase use and development of social networks, such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, users are able to share information and life experiences with a simple click. With the ever increasing dependency, social networking thrives on the latest trends in information technology and affects users not only personally, but professionally as well. Although social networks provide open and inviting doors for users, they are also key contributors to missed opportunities.

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