Thomas Hobbes: “War of All against All”

In Leviathan itself, Hobbes speaks of ware of every one against every one and of a perpetually ware of every man against his neighbor.

Leviathan is the name of a biblical monster depicted as a force of nature that degrades man. Hobbes uses this image to describe a powerful state – a “mortal god”. When creating the theory of the emergence of the state, Hobbes starts from the postulate of the natural state of people “War of all against all” and develops the idea of “Man is a wolf to man”.

People, in connection with the inevitable extermination when they are in such a state for a long time, in order to save their lives and the general world, renounce some of their natural rights and, by an implicitly concluded social contract, endow them with the one who undertakes to preserve the free use of the remaining rights – the state.

The state, the union of people, in which the will of one is obligatory for all, is given the task of regulating relations between all people.

Lapshyna Maryna, Sumy State University


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