Why students are more interested in games than studies ?

It is a very serious issue that nowadays  students are more interested in games than in studies , students want to avoid studies and for this purpose they keep themselves  busy in other activities rather than studies , they think that studies are boring and it’s a burden on them ,they think that it is the duty they have to do it and have no other choice.

¡The main problem is in education system ,our education system provides student a syllabus  which is boring and is not modernized with time , system compels the students to memorize the syllabus rather than to understand it and learn it with interest.

¡The best solution for this problem is to make the syllabus more interesting like games .

¡The student must know the importance of skillful education.

¡the system must introduce syllabus which  flourish the skills of students rather than checking their memories.

¡The teaching system must be more  practical than theoretical.

Fahad Jamal

Sumy State University


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